Germany’s next Science, Technology, and Innovation Policies (DWIH CoffeeTalk #7)

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[January 12, 09:00 CET]

The new German government has presented ambitious goals in their coalition agreement to promote science, technology, and innovation (STI).

In the next DWIH Coffee Talk, German journalist Jan-Martin Wiarda (Freelance Journalist), Japanese journalist Kiyoshi Ando (Senior Staff Writer & Editorial Writer, NIKKEI), and moderator Axel Karpenstein (DAAD) will provide an overview over the proposed plans, assess their general potential and their relevance for Japan, and discuss common interests between Germany and Japan as well as starting points for joint political actions and initiatives.

Informationen zur Veranstaltung

12. Januar 2022, 09:00 bis 10:00 Uhr

Veranstalter: DWIH Tokyo