University of Potsdam

Since its foundation in 1991, the University of Potsdam (UP) has successfully established itself both nationally and internationally and is ranked first in Germany and 22nd worldwide in the THE Young University Ranking 2024. Its research focuses on Cognitive Sciences, Data-Centric Sciences, Earth and Environmental Systems and Evolutionary Systems Biology. UP currently has almost 21,000 students, 14% of whom are international. It offers programmes in humanities, health sciences, law, cultural studies, humanities, natural sciences, economics, social sciences and digital engineering.

The university is part of the European university alliance “European Digital UniverCity” and works in collaboration with many non-university research institutions in the Berlin-Brandenburg science region. The location is characterised by historic buildings and UNESCO World Heritage parks. Since 2012, the UP has been intensifying its scientific relations with Brazil, especially in São Paulo, and cooperates with UNICAMP, USP and UFPR in Curitiba. The UP liaison office supports research contacts, organises internships for students and represents the UP at trade fairs. The UP is also a main supporter of the DWIH.


Sven Dinklage

Representative of the University of Potsdam in Brazil