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The DWIH São Paulo provides a showcase for the research, science and innovation landscapes in Germany and in Brazil and informs you about research funding, career paths and opportunities for cooperation in Germany.

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The Research and Innovation Landscape in Germany

Science, research and innovation in Germany are characterised by an excellent infrastructure, a wide variety of disciplines, and well-equipped research facilities. Germany offers various forms of research locations: universities, non-university institutes, companies and institutions run by federal or state (Länder) authorities.


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Research Careers in Germany

Various opportunities are on offer for PhD students, postdocs and senior researchers in Germany: A career within university research, at a non-university research institute or in research and development at a German company.


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The Research and Innovation Landscape in Brazil

The research and innovation environment could, at first, be filled with obstacles and questions. Therefore, the DWIH São Paulo presents you with a summary of the main scenarios of this subject, its organizations and funding agents, as well as a panoramic view of the role of politics regarding research and innovation in Brazil.


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Current opportunities

Check out the current opportunities for research, cooperation and study in Brazil and Germany (available only in Portuguese and German).


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