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Science and innovation have been recognized by Germany and Brazil as essential areas towards a sustainable economical, social and environmental development. With the opening of the German Centre for Research and Innovation São Paulo (DWIH São Paulo) in 2012, as an initiative of its Federal Foreign Office, Germany has given an important step towards its almost 50-year-long ties with Brazilian partners. 

DWIH São Paulo promotes visibility to the German innovation points, as well as synergy and exchange between institutions of both countries – specially in São Paulo, the biggest centre of Brazilian research and German companies outside the country.

DWIH São Paulo gathers in one place representatives of numerous Germans institutes of research and funding, promoting Germany as an excellent and highly competitive partner to the science and innovation area.

As an important touchpoint between people and institutions from Brazil and from Germany in the areas of higher education, science, research and scientific innovation, DWIH São Paulo contributes through its work to the sustainable social and scientific development between the two countries.

The goals of the DWIH São Paulo are:

  • Contribute to the visibility of Germany in Brazil as a country of ideas and innovation.
  • Spread and deepen knowledge about science and funding systems in both countries.
  • Create a scientific network and guide those in Brazil and Germany interested in a scientific exchange, connecting and promoting cooperation in actions and bilateral projects.
  • Promote scientific debate between the two countries, with the intent of developing and strengthening cooperation projects.

Activities of DWIH São Paulo:

Marketing & Communication: participation in fairs and conferences, organization of  scientific exhibitions, strategic communication and press through different media, such as website and newsletter.

Forum & Networking Platform: organizing and supporting events and actions on scientific themes and political science to encourage scientific debate, and furthermore connecting researchers, innovation agents and representatives of science and technology institutions.

Consulting & Information: guidance on studies, research and cooperation for researchers, professors, students, innovation agents and managers in the science, technology and innovation areas, as well as supporting delegations.

Our activities

Our activities

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