Max Planck Society (MPG)

The Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science was founded in 1948 as the successor organisation to the Kaiser Wilhelm Society established in 1911 and is one of the world’s leading research organisations. 31 Nobel Prize winners and more than 15,000 publications in renowned scientific journals every year are proof of the outstanding research work carried out at the 84 Max Planck Institutes and research facilities.

The Max Planck Institutes conduct fundamental research in all areas of the natural sciences, life sciences and humanities, especially in innovative scientific fields that require a special financial and time commitment. The Max Planck Institutes are involved in more than 3,000 co-operation projects with over 6,000 partners in more than 100 countries. The Max Planck Institutes enjoy an international reputation and attract top researchers from all over the world: more than 6,000 foreign guest and junior researchers work at the various Max Planck Institutes every year. A third of the Max Planck Directors and half of the doctoral students have a foreign passport.

The international orientation of the Max Planck Society is essentially characterised by the Max Planck Institutes with their diverse scientific cooperation relationships, for which they are also responsible. In order to further strengthen the networking of scientists with their international and interdisciplinary profile, the Max Planck Society promotes international cooperation through various programmes, such as the International Max Planck Research Schools, Max Planck Centers, Max Planck Partner Groups and Tandem Groups in Latin America. The Max Planck Society’s cooperation with Brazil primarily takes the form of scientific exchange and bilateral individual projects between the institutes, tandem groups and partner groups. The ATTO (Amazonian Tall Tower Observatory) project is also at the centre of the cooperation with Brazil.

Contact for Latin America

Dr. Berthold Neizert

Head of Research Policy and External Relations

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