The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, headquartered in Germany, is the world’s leading applied research organization. It focuses on key technologies that are vital for the future and enables the commercial exploitation of this work by business and industry sectors. Fraunhofer plays a central role in the innovation process and helps shape our society and our future.

Founded in 1949, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft currently operates 76 institutes and research institutions throughout Germany with some 30.000 employees that produce an annual research volume of €2.9 billion, with €2.5 billion generated through contractual research. Its international collaboration ensures direct access to the world’s most important scientific and economic areas. The Fraunhofer Liaison Office Brazil in São Paulo has been the direct contact in Brazil for all Fraunhofer institutes since 2012. The office evaluates and develops the Brazilian market for the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and its German industrial partners and supports the institutes in project acquisition.

Since 2012, two Fraunhofer Project Centers have been established in Brazil as a cooperation between German Fraunhofer institutes and local universities or research institutions: the Fraunhofer Innovation Platform for New Food Systems at ITAL, in Campinas, and the Fraunhofer Project Center for Advanced Manufacturing at ITA, in São José dos Campos. 

Fraunhofer’s aim in Brazil is to work with excellent partners on topics that require special technical solutions. Environmental technologies, infrastructure, energy, advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and health have been identified as topics for joint collaborations. In addition, strategic partnerships and collaborations are being established with government agencies and research/funding institutions such as EMBRAPII, SENAI, and FAPESP.


Andrea Mandalka

Foreign Fraunhofer Affiliates and Representations - Regional Business Development - Latin America

Dr.-Ing. Rodrigo Pastl

Head of Fraunhofer Liaison Office Brazil