Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is Europe’s largest applied research organization and has 72 institutes and research units throughout Germany. More than 25,000 employees produce an annual research volume worth 2.3 billion Euros. The international cooperation, with excellent research partners and innovative companies, worldwide, provides direct access to the most important current and future scientific and economic areas.

Since 2012, the Fraunhofer Liaison Office Brazil, in São Paulo, has been the direct point of contact of all of the Fraunhofer Institutes in Germany with Brazil. The office evaluates and develops connections with the Brazilian market for Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and its German industrial partners, and supports institutions regarding the acquisition of their projects.

Three provisional Fraunhofer Project Centers were established in Brazil for cooperation between the Fraunhofer Institutes of Germany and local universities and research institutes: The Fraunhofer Project Center for Innovations in Food and Bioresources at ITAL, in Campinas, and The Fraunhofer Project Center for Advanced Manufacturing at ITA, in São José dos Campos, both in the State of São Paulo; and The Fraunhofer Project Center for Software Systems and Engineering at UFBA, in Salvador, Bahia.

The goal of all Fraunhofer’s projects in Brazil is to work with excellent partners on subjects that demand qualitative and quantitative technical solutions, in light of the rapid economic growth and urbanization. Technologies for the environment, infrastructure, energy, and health were identified as subjects for joint cooperative efforts. Furthermore, strategic partnerships and cooperative agreements were established with government agencies and research and funding institutions, like EMBRAPII, SENAI, and FAPESP.