University of Bonn

The University of Bonn is one of only eleven Universities of Excellence in Germany. We are the only university with as many as six Clusters of Excellence. As one of the best research-led universities in Germany with an international reputation as a leading institution of research and teaching, the University of Bonn plays host to a number of prize-winning researchers spread across a range of disciplines. Our two hundred year history of academic excellence is based on a number of simple yet effective elements: high-quality academic research, a research-led teaching curriculum, the international flair of Bonn as the German city of the United Nations. Our location in the Rhineland is a highly-networked region of academic excellence and a region providing a high quality of life.

With some 35,000 students, 6,000 doctoral students, 550 professors and 6,000 other members of staff, the University of Bonn is one of the largest universities in Germany. Its seven faculties cover a broad range of disciplines from Agricultural Sciences to Traffic Psychology many of which take a leading position in international rankings. This strong disciplinary record is supplemented by the work of six faculty and interdisciplinary “Transdisciplinary Research Areas” (TRA) and a range of exploration and innovation areas addressing many of the central academic, technological and social challenges currently facing society.

The excellent reputation of the University of Bonn means that it has established an internationally-renowned network with intensive teaching and research cooperations. The location of the University in Bonn, with its proximity to UN facilities and a range of internationally-active research and funding organizations makes for a unique advantage, opening as it does, a gateway to the world and anchoring the University in a range of national and international networks. With Brazil, the University of Bonn has established close contacts over the past decades with numerous Universities and Research Organisations. Cooperations are mainly in the areas of medicine, philosophy biodiversity and Anthropology of the Americas.


Mira Christ-Zöller

Section Partnerships and International Researchers