German Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS7)

The member universities of UAS7 are among the leading universities of applied sciences (UAS) in Germany. They stand for high standards in teaching as well as for excellent research with a distinct application character and a distinct degree of internationalization.

All UAS7 universities offer a wide range of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs and in some federal states now also up to the doctorate. New innovative study programs are developed on a regular basis, taking into account current social issues and the specialists needed by society. The spectrum of subjects ranges from engineering and economics to renewable energies, design and music education. 

In addition to the first two stages of the Bologna cycle, the member universities offer their students and graduates extensive support in the transition to work as well as in an academic career.  

Practical relevance plays a major role in all areas of the seven universities: in the development of study programs, the selection of teaching staff and in research. 

The member universities succeed in being equally anchored in their region and internationally oriented. They promote the transfer of knowledge to society and companies and have a large number of partner universities around the world. 

The UAS7 universities see themselves as modern universities – universities of applied sciences. 

The following universities of applied sciences are members of the UAS7: