Technische Universität Berlin

The Technische Universität Berlin is a globally recognized research university with a rich tradition and is one of four partners in the Berlin University Alliance. We aim to further develop science and technology for the benefit of society. The members of the University are committed to the principle of sustainable development, seeking those solutions which do not burden future generations. We regard research and teaching as inseparably linked.

By pursuing a holistic strategy with a focus on technology, we contribute in an innovative manner to shaping the future. We acknowledge our responsibility – a responsibility which is also historically based – to conduct research and teaching for the benefit of society as a whole, while remaining true to our ethical values and our commitment to a humanistic approach. This mission provides the framework for the University’s six key application areas:

  1. Digital Transformation
  2. Energy Systems, Mobility, and Sustainable Resources
  3. Human Health, Humanities, and Educational Science
  4. Urban Systems and Environmental Systems
  5. Photonics and Optical Systems
  6. Materials, design and Manufacturing

Through its involvement with the DWIH São Paulo, TU Berlin aims to strengthen its existing contacts in Brazil while also forming new relationships.  Together with Freie Universität Berlin, TU Berlin represents Berlin as a center of science.


Dr. Jan an Haack

Office of International Affairs

Where to Find Us

Technische Universität Berlin

Address: Technische Universität Berlin Office of International Affairs Straße des 17. Juni 135 10623 Berlin Germany