Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH)

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH) promotes academic cooperation between excellent scientists and scholars from abroad and from Germany. Every year, it awards more than 700 research fellowships and awards. The alumni network is the foundation’s greatest asset. It embraces well over 30,000 Humboldtians in more than 140 countries, including 56 Nobel Prize Winners.

Its alumni program is tailored to the needs of every single Humboldtian, providing flexible support for their particular academic career and cooperation with others. Further research stays or participation in international conferences in Germany, return fellowships, equipment and book subsidies, funding for research group linkages, visits of scientists from Germany and many other sponsorship opportunities are offered for a lifetime.

Become an Humboldtian: A broad variety of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s programs is particularly well suited for researchers from developing and threshold countries.

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is seeking to increase its engagement in Latin America. It invites qualified academics from Brazil to apply for a Capes-Humboldt Research Fellowship. The programme is jointly sponsored by the Humboldt Foundation and Capes and available for postdoctoral researchers as well as for experienced researchers from all disciplines.

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s Ambassador Scientists in Brazil

Prof. Dr. Marcelo de Araujo

Practical philosophy - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) / Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ)

Prof. Dr. Leonardo Martins

General Public Law and Administrative Law - Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN)

Prof. Dr. Andrea S. S. De Camargo

Physics - University of São Paulo (USP)

Alumni Association Brazil - Where to Find Us

Alumni Association Brazil

Address: Club Humboldt do Brasil c/o Prof. Dr. Paulo Astor Soethe Universidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR) - Departamento de Polonês, Alemão e Letras Clássicas