Webinar Tübingen Science Bridge: Edition Oncology and Biomedical Imaging

The next webinar from the program Tübingen Science Bridge – Brazil will take place on December 07 at 11:30 am BRT (03:30 pm MEZ) and will focus on the area of Oncology and Biomedical Imaging.


The lecture has the participation of Prof. Dr. André Martins, Full Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tübingen. Prof. Martins is a member of the Cluster of Excellence iFIT (EXC2180) and a Sofja Kovalevskaja awardee from the Alexander von Humboldt (AvH). He will put on the agenda the theme “Harnessing advanced imaging to assess cancer metabolism and physiology in vivo”.

The Baden-Württemberg Center for Brazil and Latin America at the Universität Tübingen is expanding the successful Tübingen Science Bridge – Brazil, which started in April 2022 in cooperation with partner universities in Brazil, to other countries in Latin America. The expansion initially includes Tübingen’s partner universities in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico. As of now, the program will be also called Tübingen Science Bridge – Latin America.

As before, the program aims to contribute to the internationalization of science and research. Scientists from several partner institutions will present their latest research data, promoting an integrated and constructive environment for scientific interaction and also contributing global knowledge.

The lectures of the Tübingen Science Bridge are aimed at professors and scientific researchers, graduate students, as well as a more the general audience.

The online seminar will be held in English on the ZOOM platform in order to allow discussion and interaction.

Lecture Briefing:
He and his team are interested in understanding relevant paradigms in human pathology and physiology through accurate non-invasive biomedical imaging. By using highly translational molecular and metabolic imaging approaches they can determine the role of metabolism in different diseases in vivo. The research is multidisciplinary, and placed at the intersection of several scientific fields in oncology, biomedical imaging, and fundamental sciences (biophysics, biochemistry, chemistry). The team is also interested in developing the next generation of non-invasive hybrid metabolic sensors for biomedical imaging.

More information about the Tübingen Science Bridge (agenda, lectures, links for registration): https://bit.ly/TSB-Agenda2022


Event Information

December 7, 2022, 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM

Organizer(s): Universität Tübingen